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Free Levi Now!!

There will be no Hassenpeffer Meeting this month , because I am immersed in a cause bigger then myself. A non-partisan crusade to set right a morally unacceptable imprisonment.  WE must free Levi Johnston from the political imprisonment of being forced to  be Bristol Palins husband.  The boys a life loving,  F---ing redneck who wants to shoot things, drink some bud , play hockey and get some pu---y . What ever god fearing small town all-American boy who's a true American dreams of. Instead he's being forced to marry into Bundys of Alaska. If you are for John McCain  or Obama  it does not matter. No young bad ass hockey player from Wassillia Alaska ( the home of Evangelist Church of the great state of Alaska & Cryistal Meth leader of the great north) should be forced to marry into a family who's children are named after nascar races. The girls are Bristol-Daytona and Brick Yard Right? The boy made a mistake he had choice, the shy fat Eskimo girl  or the hot partying slighty used gov daughter. He went the pretty route. He should not have to pay with his freedom. Please join us at the
 Free Levi Johnston
Rally at Ulrich's  Friday October 3rd with the Music by The Leftovers
6:30 PM
Guest singer Engelbert Humperdink will sing  with the Leftovers
Please Release Me
Even people who will vote for Caribou Barbie should join this fight.
Sara just because you put on lipstick and Jimmy Chow Heels on, your still
mix of Granny Clampet and Alexis from Dynasty you can't deny Levi the rights we have spent 400 trillion dollars on to give the Iraqi people.
Please Sara stop looking out your northern window to Russia and look out your southern window to the Johnston's trailer give poor Levi his freedom!
  Breaking News on the Free Levi Movement.
June Burrell has been named Chief of Staff
For the Free Levi Johnston Foundation
Her experience with hockey players (see article on this page "Taking out the Foil") and Red Necks (20 years at the Club Uticia) have given here a unique prospective to run the Free Levi Foundation.
Join us for for what is right and decent
Free Levi Jonston NOW!!!!!
Ps- Ulrich's will be closed next Sunday for a private party
           Hockey Dads who wear lipstick for McCain

What is The 21/19 Plan

21/19 is the future plans for Ulrich's. 21/19 stands for Moving Ulrich's into the 21st century but keeping all of it's 19th century charm. The biggest news in the last 50 years of
Ulrich's, is coming at the end of September. Stay Tunned!

Mike Ulrich's signature sausage recipe
rediscovered at Ulrich's

While installing a new hot water heater in the basement, an old ledger book was discovered wedged, behind old pipes.  The book had 63 bar tabs recorded in it along with a water marked sausage recipe. Garhard Wilnhoffer led the way with a  $63.25 tab, we hope he paid it, as we do not want to find his remains in our next upgrading project.
On many old pictures of Ulrich's, is advertised a Hot Buffalo at 10 cents up till now we had only a few stories that old timers had told Jimmy Daley Sr. in the 1950’s about what a Hot Buffalo was.  Since it was written in old script German we took it too the Canisius College German Dept. They translated it to English, but we were missing two ingredients that were unreadable due to watermarks. Next we took the recipe to Joe Kennedy at Spars Sausage where we tried out different versions trying to figure out missing ingredients, well on try number 8 we figured it out. And are now serving it on Ulrich's Menu as a sandwich or sausage platter. Think of more flavorful Weisswurst with small pieces of bacon in it.  Now the name origin, Hot Buffalo's are not spicy hot or have buffalo meat in it. The story goes that on October 13th of 1920 Babe Ruth played an exhibition game in Buffalo, as part of a post season barnstorming tour.  This was Ruth's
first game in Buffalo but over next 14 years he would play at least one game in the Queen City. Babe when visiting always stayed at the Lafayette Hotel and played at the old Offermann Stadium, well it seems that Ulrich's exactly in the middle of these two fine establishments and a direct route when leaving from the hotel’s back door on Ellicott Street.  Hearing of Mike Ulrich’s excellent German food and his fine beer (remember it was during prohibition) The Babe pulled up to door at Ulrich’s at 3 PM exactly 1 hour before game time. He was greeted by the regulars and Mike Ulrich and taken upstairs to the Hasenpfeffer Club for some cold beers. Ruth wanting to eat before the game told Ulrich to send him a triple order of the house specialty, when Ulrich told him that would be potato pancakes, Babe said it bet there great but if I eat those I won’t be able to drink too, what would be your next choice. Ulrich’s said my chef has this new sausage he just came up with, how about 2 and some kraut. The babe laughed and said how about 10 and lots of kraut and 2 more lagers. In about ten minutes a young waitress named Ada delivered the sausages, Mike Ulrich came over and asked what you think. The Babe looking up from his sausage looked at Ada and said that’s one Hot Buffalo.

A note on the game the Babe hit 2 homeruns and flied out to deep centerfield and hit two monstrous foul balls that day. Ada missed worked the next 2 days. In later years Babe would have Hot buffalo’s delivered to the Lafayette Hotel, always ordering 10 and extra kraut with the only instructions that Ada deliver them.


Off Main Street / The offbeat side of the news

HB Color Photo
Buffalo News
Updated: 02/23/08 6:56 AM  

Taking out the foil

Who should walk into Ulrich’s Tavern on Ellicott Street after Ryan Miller’s recent charity fashion show but Jeff Carlson, aka Jeff Hanson, the oldest of hockey’s infamous Hanson Brothers.

Recognized by just about everybody at the bar — except longtime barmaid June Burrell — Carlson immediately won himself friends by buying a round for the bar, owner Jim Daley relayed.

Burrell handed him the tab, which was $39. Carlson handed her $40 and told her she could keep the change, saying something like, “That’s for you, darlin.’ ” A tip’s a tip, but $1 on a $39 tab? Burrell would never say anything to a customer, Daley said, but it’s possible that was on her mind when Carlson, on his way out of the restaurant, complimented her service and asked if there was anything he could do for her.

“Yeah,” she said, and pointed to a stuffed garbage bag that Daley estimated probably weighed 50 pounds. “Can you take this out back for me?”

Without hesitating, Carlson said sure, and took out the foil, plastic cups and napkins thrown out after a busy night at the bar.


Ulrich's Presidential Pancakes    Buffalo News First Sunday

Consider the Grover Cleveland dossier. Twice president of the United States. Governor of New York. Mayor of Buffalo. Sheriff of Erie County. And now potato pancake connoisseur.

That late addition comes virtue of Jim Daley Jr., owner of Ulrich's Tavern at 674 Ellicott St., the city's oldest continuous tavern still serving the Oktoberfest staple Cleveland couldn't get enough of.

The presidential pancake saga dates back to 1893. Mike Ulrich, the tavern's original owner, was working as a busboy at the Niagara Hotel. "President Cleveland happened to stop in for dinner just as Mike was making potato pancakes for the help," according to Daley. "The president, sniffing the air, asked what smelled so good. He marched into the kitchen, watched as Mike turned the cakes over, and asked for a batch. The president had eight for dinner."

Cleveland's cake compulsion didn't end there. He later returned to the hotel and asked for Ulrich, says Daley. After learning Daley worked as a beer wagon driver, Cleveland ordered ordered the Secret Service to track him down and bring him back to the restaurant. Ulrich came back to the hotel, the story goes, where he whipped up his fresh potato pancakes for the most famous fan in the country.

More than a century later, Ulrich's potato pancakes - golden brown, moist and addictively delicious - remain popular as a main course or an accompaniment to a platter of bratwurst and kraut.

"Our potato pancakes are a simple comfort food hot off the grill," says Daley. "Perfect with a dark German beer, they're the same kind of food people ate here 120 years ago."

- Brenda Alesii

Safety first  

As City Hall goes, so goes Buffalo.

"Please pardon the dust," said the sign in the men's room of Ulrich's, the venerable downtown outpost of German beer and potato pancakes, where a few tiles were being replaced this week.

"This project is funded by a Homeland Security grant. It will be completed after the mayor gets his security cameras."

Written by Stephen T. Watson with contributions from Jay Tokasz, Bruce Andriatch and Andrew Z. Galarneau.

Buffalo News 9-30-2006
National Review of Hoops
Hoops - Flying Bison Brewing Company - Beer Advocate

Link to great German Movie scene
YouTube - Panzerlied (fixed sound)

Jimmy's Favorite Irish Song
YouTube - Green Fields of France - Memorial Video

YouTube - Green Fields of France - Memorial Video

Ulrich's Named Classic Buffalo Tavern of the Year for 2006         . Check out the story.     Click on story featuring Buffalo's Polonia

Thursday night dinner every Thursday serving from 5-9:30 PM

Buffalo Brewfest at the Central Terminal
Saturday September 16th 2-7 PM
Over 2500 people came to sample Ulrich's Sausage and drink a little beer.
 click on link below for slide show of beerfest
buffalo rising :: city: Micro Brews Make A Big Splash In Buffalo

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